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The Best Sports Betting in Canada

Sports’ betting in Canada has evolved and is constantly changing its landscape. Our guide will give you updates on what you can do to keep up with the gambling times. You will find out more on the best sportsbooks you can bet on, and the types of sports bets that make life a little easier when you’re first starting. There are tips that you need to keep in mind whenever you’re gambling online, no matter the game.  Whether you’re into ice hockey, Lacrosse, or football; you are covered when it comes to sports bets in Canada.

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History of Sports Betting

Gambling as a whole has had quite a tumultuous history in Canada.

In 1892, the Canadian Criminal Code implemented a ban that made all gambling activities illegal. The ban didn’t last long, and soon betting on horse racing (still one of the most popular forms of gambling today) at racetracks was legalized.

Over the years, more and more forms of gambling were decriminalized, legalized, and regulated.

Today, gambling and especially sports betting is commonplace in Canada. There are currently over 31 000 slot machines and 32 000 lottery ticket centers in use in Canada. There are also 70 race tracks, 20 of which are ‘racinos’ (race tracks that also offer slot machines for players to gamble on).

The change in in-laws came as society’s view on gambling changed. Today, gambling and sports betting are commonly practiced pastimes around Canada.

Sports betting in Canada isn’t just limited to racetracks and betting houses. Bets on sporting events are commonly made between friends looking to prove that their chosen team is the best.

How to Bet Online

It’s important to know what it takes to start gambling. You’ll need to meet the following criteria to optimize your sports betting journey.

  1. Meet the minimum age of 18 years of age or at least the legal age within your location.
  2. Have a credit card, bank account, or an online wallet.
  3. Disposable income that is not set for living expenses.
  4. Get to know different sports leagues and attain some general knowledge.
  5. An e-mail address to register and activate an account.
  6. Internet access and a good connection, if possible.

Typically, online sports-books will make this clear to you right before you register. When you have completed the requirements, look forward to a sports betting bonanza. You’ll have access to a gateway of entertainment betting and live sports, and all sorts of casino games of your choice.

Types of Sports Bets

A good past-time for Canadians is using the National Pro-line betting, which basically means that these players’ haven’t moved on to sportsbooks online.

The other option that you can go for is the online sportsbooks. They are incredibly safe as they are regulated consistently and are super convenient for users.

We’ve listed the types of staple sports bets available on the market for you to follow. Manage these, and you won’t have an issue when it comes to chatting amongst your friends.

Money Line: This is one of the simplest to wager on, and it’s a pretty common bet. This is when you either bet on an individual or on a team to win.

Over or Under: This bet is designed to let players wager on the score outcome or on a figure in a specific game.

Spread: Spread bets are also fairly common in the sports bets community. Players will wager on basically who will win and by the amount. For instance, you might bet on a value that the game wins by – predetermine if the person or team will meet that score.

Futures: Instead of wagering on individual matches, players will bet on a series of events, such as a tournament or championship.

Puck line: Similar to the MLB’s run lines, this levels the playing field by typically providing the underdog with a head start by 1.5.

Proposition Bets: Players can wager on events that aren’t linked to the final outcome of a specific event. 

Best Sports Betting Sites in Canada

Get to know some of Canada’s best sports betting sites that attract all types of players. Essentially you will come to adjust to whichever you prefer, that is why we list some tips for you in our guide to help you find that sports betting site. Whether you’re in Ontario, Quebec, or British Columbia, it’s good to search for different sites in all provinces that might suit you based on location or simply just for the experience.

Power play: Some fanatic sports betters opt for this site as it provides a great user experience as well as various options to bet on the sports market.

Sports Interaction:  One of Canada’s premium sports betting sites for over 20 years.

BetWay: Known for its loyal customer base, it’s well established for an international level of sports betting.


When it comes to online sports betting, you should keep these in mind before simply placing bets left, right and center. Follow our useful tips for how you can optimize your sports betting experience.

  1. Do your homework: Research the right sports market before placing wagers.
  2. Pick a site that works for you.
  3. Pick a strategy that you know works and stick with it.
  4. Manage your bankroll when it comes to placing bets.
  5. Learn your limit and gamble responsibly.
  6. Learn not to tilt and gamble sober so that you can make informative decisions.

Every player should keep in mind that regardless of how confident you are, there’s no harm in checking out all the terms and conditions, rules, and tips on how to sports bet.


Picking the Best Sports Betting Site

What matters most to us is that you find comfort in knowing that you’ve found the right site that works for you. While it may seem overwhelming with endless amounts of sites that you’ve been faced with, we have made a list of what you can use to look out for when picking the best sports betting site.

Licensing and Safety

In order to determine the quality and service of a sports book site, you’ll want to make sure that they’re licensed. The details can be found on the website, along with the registration number.

Safety online can also be a cause for concern, as you and other players leave personal and financial information on the site you register with. A good site will have an SSL certificate and employ firewalls to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for its users.

Bonuses and promotions

A lot of casino sites and gambling sites offer various types of bonuses and promotions. Look around for any welcome bonuses that could help you get started. Be sure to check the deposit requirements with the specific site you choose so that you’re not left high and dry.


A good way to know that quality sites are out there is how their website is presented. Make sure it’s easy to navigate around and find the necessary information so that you’re secure. If it’s not what it seems, then keep looking.

Mobile Compatibility

When finding the optimal site, make sure they offer software that suits your mobile. Whether you’re using iOS, Android, or Windows, a sports betting site should offer their players a good user experience.  Some sites even offer apps, so no matter where you are, you’ll have access to your games and bets.

Banking Methods

A player can manage their deposit methods and withdrawals with the right banking methods. Some of Canada’s most popular methods are credit and debit cards, E-wallets, and any other banking services that the site includes. It’s also good to know if they offer real money in Canadian dollars as a primary currency. You might even find cryptocurrencies are supported on some sports betting sites.

Customer Support

A good online Canada sports betting site will offer you attentive customer support. If you’re a new player coming into the world of sports betting, then ask as many questions as possible. You’ll typically find a support team that is available around the clock; just be sure to check what your selected site offers in the ways of communication.



Sports Betting FAQs

Yes, although the sports players can bet depending on what the online casino has on offer. Not all casinos offer the same sports, and betting odds will vary between casinos. So, players should always look at all the different casinos/betting houses available to them and choose the one that best suits their needs.
Every online casino and betting house will set its own minimum and maximum wagering amounts. Players can only bet within these ranges. This will differ from casino to casino, so players first need to check what each casino’s ranges are before they decide to wager.
Not at all, though the price of each wager will still depend on how much a player is willing to spend and what each casino’s minimum wagering amounts are
Well, determining the odds for each game is a time-consuming, labor-intensive exercise that not every casino is willing to invest in. Therefore, most online casinos tend to focus exclusively on casino games and leave sports betting to sites that deal exclusively with them
No. Wagers are locked in before a game starts, usually, an hour before the game starts. Players, therefore, need to ensure that they are confident in the bet they want to place before it is made.
No. Each casino sets its own odds on each game/tournament. Casinos don’t accept others’ bets, so players aren’t able to transfer any bet they’ve made. If a player wants to change their bet to another casino, they simply have to cancel their original bet (within the allotted time) and remake the bet at their preferred bookmaker. Odds can change at a moment’s notice, so players need to be sure that when they change, the odds at the new bookmaker are still as they first saw and wish to bet at.
No. In Canada, the legal minimum gambling age is 19, no matter where or when the bet is made. This minimum gambling age is applied to all forms of gambling, from sports betting to slots in pubs, and table games in casinos.