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VIP treatment, personalised gifts, free holidays, exclusive games and the list goes on. These are just some of the rewards Canadian high rollers are used to. We know that you wouldn’t mind getting some VIP treatment either, so if you’re curious to find out how or are already accustomed to the VIP lifestyle and are just interested to how it all goes down, you should read our Canadian guide to High Roller Casinos in 2018.High-Roller Casinos money

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What are High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos are online casinos that offer special rewards programmes for the players that deposit, wager and withdraw large amounts of money at the online casino. These players are known as high rollers as they’re not afraid to take chances and have the financial ability to do so. Because of this, these high roller players are given special treatment by the casino as a reward for their loyalty.

High Roller Casinos – Earning the status in 2018

In order to earn the high roller title as a Canadian player you need to get noticed by the online casino, and in order to do this you need to make significantly large deposits and place high wagers over a period of time. Each casino does have its own way of determining which player is granted the high roller status; but most online casinos follow a similar system known as a loyalty programme. Let’s take closer look at how this programme works.

High Roller Casinos – Loyalty programme

Most online casino loyalty programmes use a tier system to track the player’s status. Once a player signs up and makes their first deposit they are automatically placed on the first tier. Certain deposit amounts carry a specific number of points, the higher your deposits and wagers the more points you will receive, and the higher up the tier system you will go. If you deposit less you will move down a tier and if you maintain the deposit amount, you will stay on your current tier.

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High Roller Casinos-Online games

Most Canadian high rollers have a deep understanding of certain online casino games and have developed strategies of play. This gives them the extra confidence and edge needed when placing high bets. These players therefore opt for online table games such as High Roller Blackjack or High-Roller Baccarat as they have the highest stakes and the largest payouts. High Roller Casinos offer the same games to their players with slight differences such as higher wagering requirements, stakes and payouts. However, these changes do depend on the type of loyalty programme offered by the high roller casino. High rollers also get the chance to play the latest online casino game releases before other players. Some other popular high roller casino games include High Roller Roulette and High Roller Slots.

Benefits of High Roller Casinos for Canadian players

There are many benefits of being a high roller player, some of these include:

  • Free access to VIP events such as concerts, trips and accommodation, to name a few.
  • Personalised gifts specific to the high roller.
  • Higher stake games with higher bonuses which allow you to win more, the more you deposit.
  • Quicker payouts so you will receive your winnings faster and get back to continuing your winning streak.
  • Faster deposits so you can quickly access your favourite online casino games.
  • Higher withdrawal limits so you can get a greater amount of your winnings back.
  • Access to special promotions, tournaments, higher stake games and new game releases.
  • A VIP host as a thank you for your loyalty.
  • Personal managers to oversee your account and online casino transactions.
  • A special customer service line so you do not have to wait to ask for help.

High Roller Casinos -How we choose who makes the list

As a Canadian high roller you do not have to worry about spending any extra time looking for the perfect high roller casino, as we do the research for you. Here’s what we look for when choosing which High Roller Casinos make the list.

  • Licensing-We ensure that every site is licensed and regulated by a trusted and reputable authority.
  • Reliable banking options-We make sure that each site has a variety of safe and secure banking options that offer speedy deposits and payouts.
  • Game variety-We check that each high roller casino offers a wide range of games that are powered by a reliable software company so you have access to the latest games with high-quality graphics, sound and gameplay.
  • Customer services-We ensure that every high roller casino provides their Canadian players with 24-hour service for all their queries and concerns.
  • Rewards-A big deciding factor, we make sure that every high roller casino featured has a great VIP programme for all Canadian high rollers.

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