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How to play Keno

Learn how to play Online Keno, a lottery game dating back to ancient Chinese traditions. Make it your lucky day when you’re playing for real money at online casinos in Canada. We will list recommendations and tips for you that involve how online Keno works, the types of payouts, and Keno variants for you to choose from. It’s a game purely for the lucky, no strategy involved here. If you feel that you have a knack for picking good winning numbers, then online Keno is excellent to play for real money.

Keno Basics

Everything you need to know about how to play online Keno is right here in our guide. Before you start investing your money, check out how online Keno works in Canada.

A standard online Keno game will have a few buttons, a Keno card, and a paytable. These make up the essentials of a game but remember that some online casinos will have variations.

Keno Card

A Keno card is made up of an arrangement of numbers. This card has eight rows of ten numbers or 80 numbers in total. This is the most common card when playing Keno online; other variations might differ, so check which game you want to play.

Quick Buttons

Quick buttons help you play a quick game of Keno instead of you looking to select the numbers yourself. When you hit this button, you will watch in anticipation as the numbers spin to reveal your winning numbers.


Online Keno has a way of paying out in the percentage of numbers that you hit, not the most significant number of guesses. The paytable displays the likely payouts that you’d get for the most matched numbers on your cards.

How To Play Online Keno in Canada

It’s never a bad idea to familiarize yourself with online Keno. Although it may sound relatively simple, it’s always a good idea to learn before you start spending money. This game is powered by an RNG (Random Number Generator), so results are really unforeseeable.


Getting Started

Once you have chosen your Keno variant, you can select the numbers you think will be drawn from the game. Whatever variant you choose, you would typically pick numbers from 1 to 20 out of the 80 that’s shown on the grid. Don’t worry about the way they’re selected; just go with your luck and gut feeling.

Placing Bets

Now that you have picked your lucky winning numbers, it’s time to place the bets on those numbers.  You can expect online casinos to vary when it comes to minimum and maximum bets. Usually, online casinos minimum bet starts at C$5 up to C$10. We’ll explain the three bets you can expect before you cash in.

Straight Bet

A straight bet is when you’ll select a group of numbers to bet from your card that you’re hoping to have drawn. Some casinos will allow players to select up to 15 numbers to bet on. The minimum bet value for this in online casinos is usually C$1.

Split Bets

Split bets can be considered a combination of several straight bets. However, a bet cannot share the same numbers.  In land-based casinos, you would mark the numbers that you’ve bet on. You’ll then choose how many bets on the Keno games and the number of times you’d like to play.

Way Ticket

The way ticket is closely related to the split bet. Players will bet on a set of numbers on the same card. For example, you could choose four sets of numbers, with two numbers in each set. Some casinos will allow you to repeat the same numbers in varied groups. It is common for Canadian players to choose this bet as they win less cash, but it is more consistent.

Keep in mind that there is no way to change your mind when you have pressed Play, so be careful when placing bets.

Keno Odds and Payouts

Online Keno has a way of engaging players in wagering small to win real money. You’ll find that in this game of pure luck, online casinos have a high house edge. How you get your payout is determined by a few factors:

  • The number of groups you’ve selected
  • The number of sets you’ve hit
  • The wager value

Some casinos will have a maximum payout; this is known as the aggregate payout. All the winnings come from players for a specific game.

For instance, let’s say a casino has an aggregate payout of C$2 million. If there are five Keno winners, each of those winners will get paid out C$400 000.

Check out the table below on how Online Keno odds work out.

This appears to not look like a very favorable table for online keno payouts. What draws players to online Keno is that they have the potential to bag a good win with small amounts of cash. If you’re not looking to bag massive amounts of money, then small wagers and Keno will be a great day spent.

Tips for playing Online Keno

We want you to have a good keno experience. Although there might not be ways to get you to win in a game of chance, we’ve listed tips that you can use to maximize your chances.

  • To get a better understanding of the game, play a free Keno game for practice.
  • When selecting an online casino, find one that has a lucrative welcome bonus.
  • Look for fair payouts.
  • Be sure to check the odds.
  • Don’t be shy with numbers. However, try not to select too many as you won’t win a reasonable amount.
  • Try changing up your numbers each time you place bets. You have to remember that every draw is random, and there are no synched patterns that will guarantee you a win with the same numbers.

Online Keno FAQ


Most online casinos these days offer free Keno games. However, you won’t be able to win any real money unless you deposit on a welcome bonus or start wagering.
Unfortunately not. Online Keno is a game of pure luck and chance. We recommend that you read up on our tips we’ve listed to help maximize your chances. We cannot guarantee any winning numbers.
Yes, you can. Some online casinos will vary on the 1:1 Wagering input when it comes to your bonus. In some cases, you might have trouble meeting the playthrough requirements depending on the casino’s terms. Just keep an eye out for a bonus that doesn’t require high wagers for a ton of playthrough.
Yes, they are. Online Keno sites will have set up a random number generator to draw the numbers. You can expect the results to be random and fair.
This is one aspect of the game that you’ll need to remember before starting. The keno house edge comes in at a whopping 25-29%. The price of that is because you can wager for so little and win so much money. When you compare Keno with other online casino games, it has its charm. Don’t be afraid of the house edge. Just simply play small and go from there.