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Keno is a lottery style game where the outcome of a game is based on chance. Online Keno in 2018 is seeing a surging popularity in Canada. Therefore, we at Casinos Online Canada have vowed to help internet gamblers find the best online Keno games for real money (CA$) from a carefully reviewed and ranked range of the best online casinos in Canada. From Vancouver to Montreal, Canuck internet gamblers will find all of the best online casino games, from Blackjack and Poker to Baccarat, Craps, and naturally Keno, at the Online Casinos Canada that we feature.Keno is easy to play and gives Canadian gamblers the chance to win some truly massive real money cash prizes.

Online Keno, though not as popular as traditional lottery games, still gives Canadian gamblers the chance to win big.

Read all about online Keno here in the Casinos Online Canada online Keno guide.

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Canadian Online Keno Guide – A Brief Overview

Online Keno will be easy enough to understand for most Canadian players who have enjoyed a lottery game or a game of Bingo.

Canadian Online Keno balls for gambling

Players are given a Keno card, numbered from 1 – 80. Players then choose 20 random numbers, though some allow players to choose less with a tradeoff of a lower payout, which is then assigned to them. A caller then draws numbers from a pool/ball carrier (though this is substituted for a Random Number Generator [RNG] at online casinos and some land-based casinos betting houses) and calls out the number to the players.

Incredibly, the odds of getting all 20 numbers right in a game of Keno is a staggering 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800.000, an infinitesimally small chance of winning.

Therefore, most casinos will pay the full jackpot for players who hit 17 or more of the numbers they have selected. In Keno, a correct prediction of a number is called a ‘catch.’

Also, players have a better chance of getting at least one number correctly then they have of getting none, so players can also wager on the probability of ‘catching’ no numbers at all, which can sometimes pay out at odds of up to 100-1.

Players can choose to play several cards at once, with some casinos allowing up to 20 cards per round, per player.

A Quick Canadian Online Keno Strategy

Keno is a game of chance. Thus, players have no direct influence over the outcome of any game or round within the game.

Therefore, the best way to play Keno is not with a direct strategy, but by playing wisely, and keeping a few tips in mind.

Canadian Online Keno Tips

Online Keno is Canada Tips

Plan and keep to a budget

The most important thing any player can undertake before setting off on any gambling venture is to plan an effective budget. Most importantly – good players stick to their budget and know when to walk away if luck isn’t on their side.

Set a winning limit (really)

Gambling on casino games isn’t about seeing how much you can possibly win. The best players plan their budget and look at the jackpots on offer at the games they want to play. If lady luck is on their side, and they manage to win some money and reach their goal jackpot, they walk away from the table, head held high.

Keep a sharp mind and listen carefully

It is key that players always know what’s going on around them, ensuring that they have a fun and enjoyable Keno gambling experience. Players who pay attention become more involved and up the excitement of the game and end up enjoying it more.

Best Online Keno in Canada 2018 – A Short History

Online Keno, much like Sic Bo, is a casino game that originated in ancient China that has hardly changed since it was first introduced.

Canadian Online Keno

Keno has a vivid and storied history, with some tales of the game’s origin seemingly a bit longer than others. The name keno, when translated means “White Dove Ticket,” which may or may not be a reference to the story that Keno tickets were delivered far and wide via carrier doves and pigeons.

The story goes that Keno was invented some 3000 years ago, during the Han Dynasty in China. Cheung Leung, whose cities was beset by a long-raging and catastrophic war, had the idea to host a lottery to raise the necessary funds to continue the war effort.

The lottery was a success, though it wasn’t held indefinitely. It allegedly would be resurrected years later, to help raise funds to build the Great Wall of China.

Initially, Keno was played with 120 different Chinese characters. Today, though, it is only played with only 80 traditional numbers.

Though Keno isn’t as popular as most modern lotteries, it is fast becoming a staple of any reputable gambling establishment, whether online or land-based.

Canadian Online Keno FAQ

Online Keno in Canada FAQ for Canadian players

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Is it difficult to learn to play Keno online?
Where can I get the biggest jackpot: Keno, Bingo, or Lotteries?
Can I play online Keno as it was originally played some 3000 ago?
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