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How To Play Roulette

Best Online Roulette Guide in Canada

For all our Canadian players’ who want to learn how to play Roulette, you’ve come to the right place. This classic casino table game comes in different versions, as you’ll discover further on. We only recommend the best tips and strategies for our players, so don’t worry about not knowing much about Roulette. We are here to assist you.  You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to play Roulette with a fancy croupier. Join us online and see how far you can go to win real money.

The Rules – How to Play Roulette Online

When you learn how to play online Roulette, learning the rules are not that difficult to understand.  We cover the basics as well as the different Roulette variants like American Roulette and European Roulette. Be sure to get familiar with these so that you can enjoy it thoroughly without losing your bankroll for silly mistakes.

Let’s start with what the game looks like for a minute. Roulette comes with a standard wheel of alternating red and black numbers alongside the table where you and other players’ would place their bets. Depending on the Roulette variant you choose, sometimes the wheel comes with one green zero. Another can come with a double green zero. Understanding each variant will make it easier for you to pick a fair game.

  • Place your choosing bet online
  • To start the betting round, click or tap on the “spin” button to finalize your bets.
  • The Roulette ball will have spun around the wheel, alternating between the odd and even numbers.
  • The ball will stop inside one of the numbers of the wheel.
  • You must correctly bet on a number that the wheel lands on to win.

Roulette Bets

There are different types of betting options that you will need to keep mindful of when starting to play Roulette online. You will find that some bets offer lower bet risks with a higher chance of winning but offer low payouts for those wins. You’ll then find bets that are high risk that offers bigger payouts; however, the chances of winning are lower. This is what you’ll need to remember when managing your bankroll and how much you are willing to risk.

We’ll evaluate what the table looks like when you’re placing your bets.

The table consists of an inside and outside betting area.

The inside betting area comprises red and black numbers between 1-36, including the zero ( if you’re playing American Roulette, it would be a double-zero). There are several betting options that you can select from, known as inside bets.

When you’re faced with outside bets of the table, you’re looking at a broader number of groups. Where you can pick numbers from columns and select from the odds or evens, high and lows.

We’ll get into the types of betting further on to better your gambling experience online.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are the complete opposite of outside bets.  Roulette inside bets come with a massive payout but are considered high-risk bets as you have less chance of winning.

Straight up: Your chip will be placed on a single digit. Typically a winning payout for this bet is thirty-five to one. You’d basically need to accurately bet on the exact number and color that the ball would land on in order to win.

Split Bet: Basically, a straight bet that’s been doubled as you place bets on two neighboring digits. Usually, the payout for any winnings on this bet is seventeen to one.

Street Bet: A wager made on three consecutive horizontal numbers in a row, for example, seven, eight, and nine. This bet pays out handsomely in its own right, matching your initial wager by eleven to one.

Corner: Also known as a square bet, a corner bet is a wager made on four numbers that meet at one corner. For example, on a roulette table, the numbers twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-eight, and twenty-nine form a square. This type of bet pays out eight to one.

Six Line: Also known as a double street wager. A six-line is a wager made on six consecutive numbers, which make up two horizontal lines on the roulette table. A wager like this could be made on; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. A double street bet will payout five to one.

Trio: A trio bet is a bet of three numbers, which requires one of the three to be a zero. In American Roulette, you may include both the 0 and 00 should you so wish. The three numbers need to meet at a corner which they share. Hence the only trio combinations you can play:

  • Include zero, one, and two
  • Require zero, two, and three
  • Meet zero, double zero, and two
  • Contain zero, double zero, and three

Basket:  Also known as the first four wager. A basket bet is a bet that can only be made in Roulette’s game using a single zero wheel – so French or European Roulette. It is a bet made on the first four numbers of the wheel, including the zero as a number. Hence your bet will be made on the ball landing on the zero, one, two, or three. This type of bet pays out six to one should you win.

Five: This bet is considered one of the most unplayable bets, as it comes with a high house edge and not a good chance of winning. This is where you would bet on five consecutive digits, and these would have to follow as 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. You would need to place your bets that are most common around these numbers on the table.

Top Line Bet: A top-line bet is a type of roulette wager which can only be made in American Roulette. This bet pays out six to one should you win. In order to win a top-line wager, the roulette ball needs to land on the zero, double zero, one, two, or three.

Outside Bets

These bets, as mentioned earlier, have a greater chance of winning but a lower payout. Outside bets also hold a lower house edge, making it an ideal way to start playing online Roulette. Canadian players’ who manage their bankroll carefully will opt for these kinds of bets.

Black or Red: You can bet on either color, red or black, consisting of 18 numbers. Should you win, this bet pays out 1:1, so your wager should be matched.  

Odds or evens: This bet works the same way as betting on red or black. You decide whether you’ll land on an odd or even number of the roulette wheel. You’re betting with 18 numbers, and the payout is 1:1.

1 to 18: You’re betting on the likelihood of the ball landing numbers between one to eighteen on the wheel. This is otherwise known as a Manque or low bet and will yield a one to one payout should you manage to win.

19-36: Also known as high or Passe, this bet is exactly the same as the 1 to 18 wager, only on the high end of the spectrum. You predict that the ball will manage to land on any number from nineteen to thirty-six in this bet. These bets will also payout one to one should you win.

Dozen Bet: A dozen bet is placed on a dozen groups of numbers. The first twelve is comprised of numbers one to twelve. The second twelve consists of numbers thirteen to twenty-four. The final twelve groups are twenty-five to thirty-six together. This bet pays out two to one.

The Column Bet: A column bet is placed on any vertical column appearing on the roulette table. A column comprises twelve different numbers and will reward players with a two to one payout should they manage to win.

Snake Bet: A snake bet is a unique bet which covers a large group of numbers. Namely, when making a snake bet, you will be wagering on the ball landing on; 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34. Snake bets are not offered at all online casinos, so keep an eye out for whether or not it is actually allowed in play.

Roulette Variants

We want you to have the best online Roulette experience with us. It’s good to know that there are types of Roulette you can try out. There’s American Roulette, European Roulette, and last but not least Live dealer games. The basics remain the same but with a few differences between the bets and payouts.  Take a look and see what suits you. There are gameplay buttons that let you do what you need to at any point in the game; look for the  ‘spin,’ ‘re-bet,’ and ‘clear bets.’

European Roulette

A classic game of Roulette. The wheel only comes with one zero in green and has 37 divisions. Remember to place your inside or outside bets. The house advantage for this game is typically a mere 2.63% at some online casinos.

American Roulette

This style of Roulette is known for its double-zero on the wheel. It’s one way to increase betting options for players. There is a higher house edge in American Roulette than in European Roulette. The house edge is 5.3%, which means it’s challenging to win, but the rewards are great.

Payouts for American Roulette look like this:

  • Straight-up bet: 35:1
  • Split Bet: 17:1
  • Street Bet: 11:1
  • Corner Bet: 8:1
  • Five Bet: 6:1
  • Line Bet: 5:1
  • Dozen Bet: 2:1
  • Red/Black and Odds/evens: 1:1

Live Dealer Roulette

Anywhere you go, you have access to live dealers.  Some casinos have opted to create a real-time table game experience for their players. This is where you’ll find live stream games with actual dealers keeping in touch with you throughout your gameplay. It’s become prevalent in Canada, so give this style a go from the comfort of your home.


Winning Strategies

Use these strategies to improve your chances of winning real money in Canada Casinos. Most of our players’ have studied these and we recommend you adopt one once you’ve mastered the basics of the game.

The Martingale System

This strategy suggests that you increase your bet after each loss. It’s quite a risky strategy, as you could experience a couple of losses. The best way to use this strategy would be to bet on even money for outside bets. Even though that has a lower payout, those bets have a higher chance of winning.

The Paroli System

First used in Monte Carlo many years ago, this strategy works as the reversed Martingale, after every win you should double your bets which makes it safer to stick to. It’s one way to take advantage of any winning streaks. Some players have recommended outside bets to use for this system. Once you become more confident, you can then place inside bets for a more adrenaline feel.

Tips Before You Spin

Before you start playing online Roulette, make sure you pay attention to the tips we’ve listed. You’ll at least be fully prepared before you start hitting the Roulette tables.

Find a Roulette table that suits you: We’ve mentioned that you can play American and European Roulette, but others have progressive jackpots too. This all comes down to how ready you are and how much you’re willing to spend, especially when it comes down to each game’s online casino terms. American Roulette has the double-zero on the wheel, so your chances of winning are slightly decreased.

Minimum and maximum bets: Think about how much of your bankroll you’re willing to use. Remember to look at the types of bets you can place and how much you can get back.

Bonuses for table Games: We recommend looking for casino sites that offer table game bonuses, especially for online Roulette.

Find reputable online casinos: Trusted online casinos will be licensed and registered. They should also offer RNG software that generates numbers randomly to provide a fair and accurate game.

Customer service support: It’s essential to keep in touch with the online casino if you have any questions during your game. Ensure the site has access to customer support services where it’s easy to get in touch with someone

It’s best to go with Roulette’s standard version, or in this case, European Roulette. The odds of winning are safer than you’d find in American Roulette because of the double zero. The house edge is also cut in half to 2.7%,
It depends on how confident you feel. The Martingale system is there for you to increase your bets after every loss, where the Paroli System allows you to increase your bets after every win.
You’ll want to use the outside bets first. These have a greater chance of winning, even though the payout is low. Make use of the free online Roulette games for practice.
The house edge in American Roulette is double that of European Roulette. You’re looking at an advantage of 5.3%. Be sure to check the types of payouts we’ve listed in the guide.
Yes, safe to say it is legal in Canada to play online Roulette. Most online casinos, if not all, are certified and registered to legally allow players’ to gamble. Just be sure to check and look out for those reputable sites we mentioned in the tips.”929″ title=”Can I play Roulette online for free?” active=””]There are some casino sites that offer free Roulette games to try. If you’re a beginner, then this is a perfect opportunity to practice without hurting your bankroll. Look out for bonus offers that online casinos might have on offer for Roulette and other table games.
We recommend that you do the following to maximize a good experience and increase your chances of winning: 1. Start playing free games to practice 2. Manage your bankroll limits 3. Look out for the house edge on each bet and what offers a higher RTP. 4. Look at the types of online casino bonuses are on offer 5. Adopt a Roulette Strategy
Yes, most online casinos have RNG on their sites that generates numbers randomly so that the results are as fair as they can be. Regulators will regularly inspect the generator’s algorithm to make sure it works correctly and provide random results