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As one of the most instantly recognisable casino games in the world, Roulette is quite possibly the most popular. Lucky for you there are many variants of this casino game. While there are many variants, there are three main versions; these are French, American and European Roulette. European Roulette and classic roulette are used interchangeably and also have similar gameplay.

Among the variants, European roulette is the most popular. It features the traditional 36 red and black pockets, with a green zero pocket. This version is softer on your bankroll when compared to other variants. For example, when it comes to American roulette vs. European roulette, the latter has a lower house edge. We can attribute the lower house edge in this variant to the number of pockets on the wheel; for example, this version has 36 pockets.

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Best Casinos to Play European Roulette

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How to Play European Roulette

Like all real money casino games, this version makes use of a Random Number Generator (RNG); the RNG is used to release the ball onto the roulette wheel. As you perhaps already know, RNG is used to ensure that where the ball lands, is completely random, and not fixed to ensure the house wins. Now that you know your game is fair, welcome to the table where you can follow the below steps:

  • Before you play European Roulette online, you need to sign up at one of the best online casino sites for Canadian gamblers.
  • After you sign up, you can claim your welcome bonus.
  • Then, choose European Roulette from the casino’s games lobby
  • Place your bets – Canadian gamblers will be able to place inside and outside bets.
  • Keep your eye on the ball, as the roulette wheel spins, to see where it lands.
  • If you win, you can place the same bet, or opt for a different bet and spin the wheel again.

The list of casinos featured in the above table will sometimes allow you to play roulette online for fun, in the free play mode. We advise you take advantage of such an opportunity. Playing in free mode will give you a chance to practice and understand the game before playing for real money. When you do opt to place real money wagers you need to know what bets you can place – we discuss it next.

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Different Roulette Bets

If there’s a wheel, there’s a way – a way to winning real money. However, the names of the different roulette bets can confuse you. For example, you have probably heard gamblers say they’re placing their odds on red or black. But odds or red or black isn’t the only bet you can place. See below for the different roulette odds and roulette payouts you can place when you play online European Roulette:

  • Straight Up – 35/1
  • Split Bet – 17/1
  • Street Bet – 11/1
  • Corner Bet – 8/1
  • Five Bet – 6/1
  • Line Bet – 5/1
  • Dozen Bet – 2/1
  • Red or Black, Even or Odd and Low or High – 1/1

Play European Roulette online for real money at our list of recommended Canadian online casinos. Be sure to select the online gambling site that offers you a chance to spin the wheel on a free online roulette game.