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Blind Man’s Bluff

The latest in the Wynn saga involves allegations that Wynn leered at dancers and is using his blind status as a defence to counter sue.

Lisa Bloom, an attorney for one of the dancers accusing disgraced ex-casino mogul, Steve Wynn, for inappropriate behaviour, was issued with a defamation of character suit.

According to the press release from The Bloom Firm, “during rehearsals, dancers would normally wear jazz pants, tank tops, or other casual fitness wear. Yet, when Mr Wynn stopped by the rehearsals, which he often did when he was town, the female dancers were instructed immediately to strip down to bras and panties, put on heels, and apply extra makeup to be sexually appealing to Mr Wynn.”

The allegations follow the same premise as the previous claims about sexual misconduct; female staff required to ‘please’ Mr Wynn against their will. Like he did with the previous allegations, Wynn has denied all rumours and claims about sexual misconduct. This time, however, his argument is ‘valid’; stating that he didn’t leer at the dancers because he is legally blind.


Blind Counter

While it may seem like a case of the ‘blind (drowning) man clutching straws’, Wynn’s eyesight impairment is public knowledge. In fact, he donated $25 million to vision research because he “knows first-hand what it’s like to lose vision from a rare inherited eye disease.” The eye disease in question is retinitis pigmentosa (RP); it’s a far cry from our usual gambling lingo so let’s break it down. RP is a genetic disorder that causes the cells in the retina to break down; resulting in irreparable vision problems. Individuals that are affected by the condition experience night blindness; then difficulty recognising faces. In addition to the above, individuals suffering from RP could sometimes experience difficulty walking without aid or assistance.

As mentioned earlier, Wynn slammed Bloom with a defamation of character countersuit. Wynn’s defamation lawsuit seeks close to $75 000 in damages and includes a strongly worded letter from his attorney., It read “I strongly suspect that at the time you wrote your fictional press release, you intentionally ignored the undisputed fact that Mr Wynn was legally bling at all times you allege that he ‘leered’ at the dancer on the stage from late 2014 through late October.”

However, Wynn’s counter sue has not fazed Bloom. She said: “in my opinion, Mr Wynn sued me in an attempt to intimidate other women.” She concluded by saying “this time, he chose the wrong woman.”

In other Wynn news, rumours are circling in the gambling circles that MGM could be interested in purchasing Wynn Resorts. According to sources, current CEO of Wynn Resorts is ‘open to the possibility’; despite the fact that MGM and Wynn are rivals.

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