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Canada’s Olympic House Revealed

Pictures and details on Canada’s Olympic House were released, and we just had to share it with you. The house will serve as the gathering place for team Canada fans. An estimated 10 000 visitors are expected to visit Canada’s Olympic House. True to its Canadian theme is the maple leaf shaped bench. To house that [...]

Online Casino Trends Forecasted for 2018

Overall the casino industry has had many peaks and blows. For example, the anti-corruption crackdown in China decreased gambling revenue in Macau. And the Vegas shooting led to cutting jobs; the online casino market did not go unaffected. In fact, 888 casino’s record fine resulted in other online casino operators reviewing their policies and procedures. [...]

Top Sporting Moments that Dominated Canadian Sports News

Canadian sports play a huge role in entertainment; not just in watching but in wagering on the games too! From the beloved Canadian ice hockey, young breaks outs and an untimely death; we look back on the impactful moments of 2017. Memorable moments in Canadian Sports Toronto FC win MLS Cup First up we have [...]

Marijuana in Casinos is a Pot of Gold

According to federal law in the United States, Marijuana is a schedule one drug, along with ecstasy, heroin and LSD. Over the years it has amassed much controversy, with people canvassing for its benefits and the strong criticism against the use and culture. However, Nevada was among the pioneers to sell Marijuana for recreational use. [...]

Givling – the Trivia App

Winning the lotto is a dream many of us have, it’s a dream that does not discriminate with age, location or race. What would winning mean to you? Could you be able to go on a fancy holiday, quit your job or maybe pay off your old student loans? But winning the lotto has the [...]