Technological Advancements Continue to Improve the Online Gambling Industry

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Technological Advancements Continue to Improve the Online Gambling Industry

Thanks to technological advancements and the digital age, we are living in the most exciting times to be a gambler. Gone are the days of driving to a traditional casino; and waiting to use or play your favourite game. The digital age has completely transformed the gambling industry and your online gambling experience.

The online market now accounts for 33% of the collective gambling industry and lies at the cutting edge of innovation. More so, the accessibility of technology has lead to mobile gaming has surpassing desktop gaming; driving the expansion of established brand and independent online casino brands. Enhanced accessibility and security are direct results of technological advancement, and below is how it’s done.

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Technological Advancements – Safety and Security

The protection of players information is a key technological advancement in the online casino industry. Online casino operators have worked intensively to ensure player safety. Their efforts show the extent of security on their site. The industry standard now ranks among the global online banking standard-the 128-bit encryption. This is the most sought-after level of encryption in the online sector and ensures that all information transferred from player to platform is protected and will not be accessed by hackers.

Only reputable online casinos will make use of the above encryption. Additionally, Casinos Online Canada, only recommends safe online casinos while delivering promotional data in real-time.

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Technological Advancements – Digital Currency

Bitcoin has transformed the online gambling market. Bitcoin was launched in 2007; since then its value has sky rocketed. Recent reports claim that a single Bitcoin surpassed CAD$5000 in August of 2017. The crypto-currency is favoured by gamblers and investors and is superior to traditional banking methods. Investors favour Bitcoin because it holds its value during times of crisis. Online casino players love it because Bitcoin allows for instant transactions, guaranteeing anonymity and privacy; plus, low transaction fees.

The advantages of Bitcoin have contributed to the available nature of internet gambling. It even positively contributes to problem gambling, by ensuring a player’s bankroll is detached from their main or other accounts.