RV Parking in Casinos Now a Trend

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RV Parking in Casinos Now a Trend

RV parking trending – The reputation of RV’s hit the roof with the latest trend of free overnight parking at casinos. RV short for recreational vehicle is also known as motorhomes; are popular among retired folk and now millennials. Both groups are equally looking to save costs when travelling long distances; so why wouldn’t the casino industry capitalise on them right?

Many casinos across North America are capitalising on this peculiar market by now offering free overnight stays in their parking lots. To explain, the practice is known as ‘blacktop boondocking’ and sometimes referred to as ‘dry camping’. It involves RV owners parking overnight at designated RV parking spaces in casino parking lots.

RV Parking

Author of Casino Camping: Guide to RV Friendly Casinos, Jane Kenny said, “every time we stumble upon a casino, we pulled into play for a few hours and sample the buffet. No matter what the state, we often noticed some RV’s parked in the casino parking lot, usually grouped together at the far end”. Consequently, many RV owners claim that they rather camp at a casino than other designated camp spots; due to the “controlled environment of a casino”.

Added to the above, RV owners also said they often “join the casino’s player’s club and build up points for discounts and other perks”. In other words, this niche market makes proper use of participating casino’s VIP or loyalty programmes.

Kenny and her husband have been RV’ing for many years now and said, “recreational gaming is a popular activity, and more casinos continue to be hospitable” to people in RV’s.

List of don’ts for RV parking

Kenny urges her fellow RV’ers to exercise courtesy when making use of free casino parking. Below are her tips:

  • Don’t assume you can park at a casino; there are always processes and procedures to follow; so get the go-ahead from casino security first.
  • Limit your free overnight stay; it’s a free service so don’t abuse it; unless you have called ahead and arranged for a longer stay.
  • Please don’t treat the casino RV parking lot as you would a campsite. In other words, don’t put out your sunshades, camp chairs and especially your grills. Be respectful and considerate of the environment you are in; a casino is a professional operation.

Of course, if you don’t own an RV and don’t enjoy travelling you can always gamble online, at any of our recommended Canadian online casinos!