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The privacy policy of online casinos is there to protect you and ensure that your safety is never compromised. A casino should make use of encryption technology to protect your information.

Privacy Policy for Player Disclosures

  1. In order to share your information with third parties, the casino requires your consent. However, the casino may notify you of products and services that may be of interest to you; in the form of telephone, text, snail mail, e-mail or other forms of communication. This can be products and services from the casino or related organisations and companies.
  2. It is not unusual for a casino to request proof of identity when prompted for this, your documents must match the details you used to register on the casino. Sometimes you might be required to produce a recent utility bill. The utility bill should not be older than three months and must clearly reflect your address. In addition, some casinos will request copies of all registered credit cards that you’ve used at the casino.
  3. A reputable casino will ensure that your information and documents are kept confidential and safe. However, should the need arise to share the information with appropriate authorities, the casino will comply This is to prevent or detect crime or suspected illegal irregularities.
  4. Further, should you have outstanding amounts owed to the casino, the casino is then permitted to share and disclose appropriate documentation to third parties; in order to retrieve the money.

Privacy and Security at Online Casinos in Canada

Player Safety and Security

Online casinos in Canada take multiple measures to ensure that your safety is never compromised. To provide you with a safe online gaming experience, online casinos adopt and employ industry standards. In addition, casinos strive to acquire approval from regulatory bodies, these seals of approval must be clearly displayed on the website.


As mentioned above, a reputable Canadian online casino will adhere to the industry standard of safety and security. One of the ways in which this is achieved is by employing the 128-bit SSL encryption technology. The 128-bit SSL encryption scrambles the data transferred, thereby preventing hackers from obtaining your information.

Internet Usage

The internet is a fantastic advantage, but given its global reach, it can be a dangerous place too. Online gambling takes place via the internet; this typically involves collecting and processing data. When you browse a Canadian online casino site, you allow the casino to process your data.


There are plenty marketing tools adopted by online casinos; these tools must be used to the benefit and better serve promotional content to the casino’s audience. The popular tools are:

  • Remarketing
  • Google Display Network Impression Reporting
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting

Should the promotional content overwhelm you, you can opt-out or customise your profile by using the ads settings. Based on your search path, casinos and Google use cookies (first-party and third-party cookies) to inform and optimise your search.


By confirming that your information won’t be shared, online casinos also ensured that you won’t be spammed. You will only receive information pertinent to the casino, their bonuses and promotions, newsletters and deals.

Privacy and Safety Regulation

As mentioned earlier, online casinos strive to obtain approval from regulatory bodies. There are a number of regulatory bodies; that is committed to ensuring that you are treated in fair and in a safe manner.