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At Casinos Online Canada we strive to make your online casino experience as seamless and easy to understand as possible.

That is why we have laid out our Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions of use for our readers on this page. All your questions are answered here.

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General Privacy Policy and Information

COC will only collect general, anonymous information while you browse our site. We will never ask for your personal details, though casinos we feature that you select to play at may do so.

We use the anonymous information we collect to do the following:

  • Customizing ads based on your recent search history.
  • Improving the services we offer to you and improving our site speed.
  • Research based on time visited, location visiting from, etc.

We will never use the information we collect while you visit the site for any other reason than stated above.

COC Security and Safety

At COC, we use encryption to protect our site and our readers from prying eyes. Our readers can know that they are safe when reading our wonderful pages.

Content on COC

All of the content on COC, from our guides pages to our reviews, are written truthfully, honestly, and are unbiased. We strive to ensure all of our content is up to date and correct.

We reserve the right to make any changes we deem necessary to our website, including layout and content, without prior notice.

Suggestions and Complaints about COC

We always welcome input from our readers, whether in the form of compliments or complaints. We take each message seriously and make changes if we see fit.

Readers who want to comment on any of the following issues can get in touch here.

  • Unfair or inaccurate reviews.
  • Incomplete or incorrect guide pages.
  • Complaints, compliments or suggestions for the site.

Note: Canadian gambling laws state that citizens under the age of 18 and in some provinces, 19, aren’t legally allowed to play casino games. Therefore, underage readers aren’t allowed to read Casinos Online Canada and should refrain from doing so.