Patrick Reed First Time Master of the Masters

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Patrick Reed First Time Master of the Masters

Patrick Reed has played against the best golfers in the world and subsequently sports bettors favourites and emerged victoriously. He won his first green jacket this past Sunday at the 2018 Masters. With extremely low odds to win at tee off, Reed shocked sports betting books, golf fans and well the world over with his much-deserved victory.

This year’s Masters set a new record on Las Vegas sports books, with Tiger Woods returning to the majors and challenging Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. It was surprising to note that Woods lead the led the most money wagered, and most ticket slips count. Woods was joined by Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth but Patrick Reed was nowhere on the list. Hence, his win has received widespread controversy and shock; but it doesn’t faze Reed. He said: “in the past, I put too much pressure on myself. I went out there, and I tried so hard to get the ball in the hole, I tried so hard to hit the perfect shots. Going into this week, I was just like, ‘hey, its golf. Go play!”

Patrick Reed 2018 Masters

Reed All About It

So, what do we know about Patrick Reed? Reed is often noted for his stature and his lack of socialising.

He was kicked off his team at the University of Georgia and almost voted off his Augusta state team. His offences range from underage drinking, misconduct and even alleged cheating! Despite his rocky road, Reed has won back-to-back national titles but it never been enough to make him a public favourite. In fact, his first tee at Master 2018 he was greeted with an almost obligatory applause compared to Rory McIlroy’s standing ovation. It’s no surprise then that Reed isn’t a sports bettor’s favourite either.

So, how then did he become the master of the Masters? Well, like most talented athletes on the cusp of greatness he used the negativity he received and fuelled his determination to win! When questioned about the difference in applause he said: “that’s another thing that just kind of played into my hand. Not only did it fuel my fire a little bit, but also, it just takes the pressure off of me and adds it back to him.”

The 27-year-old’s first major is also the seventh-lowest total score in Masters history, but his success hasn’t improved his status on the sports books. Despite increasing profits for sports books by being an unlikely winner, Reed doesn’t even feature on the upcoming US Open.