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Pac-Man Battle Casino

Relive your childhood with the iconic Pac-Man game, now as a casino game – titled Pac-Man Battle Casino. The partnership responsible for this marvellous addition is Bandai Namco and Gamblit Gaming. They will fine-tune the game and put its focus on betting, by adding real money wagers and making it casino floor ready.


How does Pac-Man Battle Casino work?

The new casino game resembles the 2011 Pac-Man Battle Royale and requires two to four players. It requires players to wager a minimum, at this point just over a quarter, in order to play. But Gamblit Gaming CMO, Darion Lowenstein said, “the betting floor will be determined by the casinos and will likely range between CA$2 – CA$20”. In addition to the minimum bet, players can only wager at the beginning of the game and not during. This means that for players who realise that they are winning, will not be able to increase their stakes during the game.

However, the total isn’t decided by the bets made; rather it is based on a wheel that randomly generates an amount per round. Additionally, this is the only chance element of the game, as Lowenstein said, “this is a skill-based game”.

Public response to Pac-Man Battle Casino

The games characters are recognisable across the globe. The arcade game reached the height of its popularity in the 80s but still maintains its relevance to this day. Like numerous other popular arcade games, the game was packed with ‘addictive elements’. So naturally, critics will be sceptical of a Pac-Man casino game; given that casinos and problem gambling are always under a microscope.

The arcade game boasts a reputation of ‘quarter guzzling’ and will most likely be responsible for munching many a gamblers bank accounts. However, all reputable casinos provide extensive problem gambling help and gamblers are encouraged to make use of their services.

Pac-Man Battle Casino Conclusion

The game will be released at the Global Gaming Expo at Sands Expo. This event is considered a huge calendar event in the gaming industry, and it’s the aptest place to launch a cultural phenomenon. But the line-up of casinos that will offer Pac-Man Battle Casino has not been released – stay tuned to Casinos Online Canada for more.