Online Casino Trends Forecasted for 2018

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Online Casino Trends Forecasted for 2018

Overall the casino industry has had many peaks and blows. For example, the anti-corruption crackdown in China decreased gambling revenue in Macau. And the Vegas shooting led to cutting jobs; the online casino market did not go unaffected. In fact, 888 casino’s record fine resulted in other online casino operators reviewing their policies and procedures. While the review was a good move, it also casted unnecessary light on the online gambling market.

Despite the setbacks, there’s no denying the growth in the market, and this is largely due to the advent of more mobile gaming supported by social apps. In fact, a survey conducted in August found that 16 of the top 100 iPhone apps of the year were social casino games!

While numerous articles are looking back on 2017, we decided to look ahead and outline the top online casino trends of 2018.

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Online Casino Trends – Increase in Live Dealer Casinos

Like online casinos, live dealer casinos started as a niche; however, the market has garnered many new gamblers over the past year. Live dealer casinos are known to attract the high rollers, the players that want special treatment because they play for big bucks.

The casino games available in live dealer casinos are also known as high roller games and have a certain lifestyle attached to them. Live dealer casinos give players an immersive casino experience without travelling to the casino.

Not all online casinos feature live dealer casino games though, however, due to the increase in popularity online casinos have now increased their offerings. Analysts predict that 2018 will see significant growth in live dealer casinos, as gamblers move closer to skills-based casino games like poker and blackjack.

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Gamification is a technical term for game-like elements that are present in video games. The concept can be attributed to the millennials need for interest. In an effort to attract the millennials, casino game software developers found that they enjoyed games with storylines, avatars, unlockable content and levels. In other words, casino games that required more interaction from players.

Given the stats from the survey mentioned above regarding the top iPhone apps, we can expect to see more casino games with video game-like features.

More Cryptocurrency Usage

Over the years more and more online casinos have boarded the cryptocurrency boat. The leader in the cryptocurrency market has to be Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin’s insane growth has made a huge mark in the online gambling market.

In 2018, the number of online casinos transacting in cryptocurrency is set to rise, with other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum gaining popularity.