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OJ Simpson – the Juice is ‘free’

Former football star OJ Simpson was released on parole last month and is making the most of his first few weeks in the free world.

Since his release, Simpson has taken up residence in suburban Las Vegas. He has been spotted around Las Vegas in many selfies at Station Casinos Red Rock Resort. However, this has angered many residents of sin city, and there are calls to ban him from Stations Casinos. The outrage hasn’t stopped fans of “The Juice” from swooning to meet him.

Whether on the field, on trial, in prison or free and in casinos – Simpson is a trending topic!

OJ Simpson

The story of OJ Simpson

No, this isn’t the lyrics to Jay-Z’s ambivalent track with the same title, which does, however, refer to Simpson. Rather we bring you up to speed on the fall of a former NFL running back.

In what many have called the ‘trial of the century’, Simpson was accused and acquitted of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. Subsequently, in 2007 at the Palace Station Casino Resort he was arrested on charges of armed robbery and kidnapping. This resulted in him serving a prison sentence of up to 33years; however, he served nine at Lovelock Correctional Centre.

Due to his celebrity status, Simpson’s life has been highly publicised, and it is the reason why public opinions are so strong and divided.

OJ Simpson

Public Response to OJ Simpson’s Presence in Red Rock Casino

As the name suggests, the Palace Station Casino where Simpson was arrested for robbery and kidnapping is the same chain that owns Red Rock Casino – Station Casinos.

After the release of pictures with his fans at Red Rock Casino Resort, the public quickly took to social media to express their concerns and confusion. Most of the concerns centred around the casino’s awareness of Simpson being on the property, given his experience with the sister casino.

However, spokesperson for Station Casino chain said they were investigating the matter. In the meantime, Simpson’s parole conditions do not prohibit him from gambling.

What does Simpson’s Parole Conditions Look Like?

Simpson’s parole period is five years, should he violate the parole conditions he will land up back in Lovelock Correctional Centre.

His parole conditions prohibit him from possessing weapons, possessing or using drugs and associating with other convicted criminals; with no mention of gambling.

The gambling and online gaming world was once caught up in wagering on the odds of him violating his parole. However, this option has since been removed from online sports books.