NBA All-Star Game

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NBA All-Star Game

The National Basketball Association, widely known as the NBA hosted its All-Star weekend. The event culminated in the popular All-Star game, which features the league’s best players.

This year, Lebron James and Stephen Curry made history. They were the first players to form their own team, in contrast to the previous format; more on this later. In addition to a format change, the prize money was also changed. Rather than the $50 000 USD, this year players on the winning team received $100 000 USD. Further, the winning team was awarded $350 000 to donate to a charity.

The event took place in Los Angeles at the Staples Centre; and is a major attraction for celebrities, basketball fans and sports bettors. If you bet on Team Lebron, then you pocketed some serious cash as the final score was a nail-biting 148-145 victory over Team Stephan.

Like the Super Bowl, the All-Star also featured entertainment, this time it was songbird Fergie. Fergie sang the star-spangled banner in a jazz rendition to the displeasure of many viewers and attendees. Both viewers and attendees wasted no time and took to Twitter to voice their opinions; this was probably the worse highlight of the event.

NBA All-star

All-Star Makeover

Rather than the usual division of players according to east and west format, this year organisers allowed James and Curry to draft players.

James said: “the new format was great…the fans did a great job of reacting to it in a very positive way.” He added that: “the draft was something that hadn’t been done before, and the great thing about our commissioner is he is absolutely willing to do something new and change the format. It definitely worked out for everybody.”

The makeover was a definite win for the NBA.

NBA All-star

Lebron James wins third All-Star MVP

Cleveland Cavaliers forward and sports bettors favourite, Lebron James was poised to win this year’s MVP. In fact, the odds were stacked in his favour 7-1 with Russel Westbrook as his only competitor.

The win marks James’ third All-Star MVP title; ahead of only two other players – Kobe Bryant and Bob Pettit.

While James was the star of the game, another noteworthy player was Toronto Raptors, DeMar DeRozan who added 21 points for Team Stephan.