Another Royal Wedding is on the Cards as Megan Markle and Prince Harry get Engaged

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Another Royal Wedding is on the Cards as Megan Markle and Prince Harry get Engaged

Before news of Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement broke, the online rumour mill was in overdrive. British gambling companies, bookmakers and numerous celebrities and fans joined the craze of another royal wedding.

Now that its official betting has moved to when will the royal wedding will take place. British gambling companies were hot on the heels of the news and quickly changed from when he will announce when the wedding will take place and where will it be held.

The couple met in June 2016 on a blind date and confirmed their engagement yesterday 27th November.

Megan Markle

Who is Megan Markle?

Markle hit the screen playing the role of Rachel Zane on the world-famous series – Suits. Born in America into a mixed-race family, Markle has used her mixed ethnicity to her advantage and to advocate for feminism.

She was previously married to producer, Trevor Engelson. Her divorce, diverse ethnicity and age (she’s older than Harry by three years) have made her an unlikely future royal. In fact, she has faced much criticism for her differences, but at the same time, many have praised and welcomed the difference.

Megan Markle

Markle’s Citizenship up in the air

Its unclear if Markle is on a visitor’s visa and the home affairs office declined to comment on individual cases.

Suits is filmed in Canada and Markle has been living there; however, she will not be allowed to work during her engagement. Consequently, Markle quit her job on the series.

The couple made their first public appearance at a royal engagement in Toronto, at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games. Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau was quick to send his best wishes to the couple, at the time of writing the US President had not congratulated the couple.

Markle has been open about her views on US politics and has said that she would move to Canada if Donald Trump became president. Critics and gossip columns swiftly jumped on the question of whether the US President will get an invite to the royal wedding.

Megan Markle

Public Reception of the engagement

The news was not received well by everybody. Many took to social media, as they do when there is a royal engagement. Some commented on the previous royal wedding and how much it cost taxpayers versus what could have been done with that money.

Other celebrities expressed their joy over the news, including celebrity and casino chef Giada De Laurentiis. In fact, she has said that she has the perfect menu and is ready to cater the wedding.