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Mega Fortune is the online slot to play if you’re looking for a life-changing win. The game is brought to you by the powerhouse casino software provider – NetEnt. It has garnered fame across the world, not just among online casino gamblers but also among mega casino brands!

Never has there been an online video slot that captures the high roller gambling life so well. The theme oozes luxury and opulence all the way, from the title and sound effects to the symbols and winning potential. Oh, did we mention that it is a progressive jackpot? This means that every time the online slot is played, the jackpot increases incrementally.

Spin the reels on Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune Features

As mentioned above, the luxuriousness of this game runs through every element. For example, the symbols include jewellery, stacks of money, affluent alcohol like champagne (the scatter, and cognac) but what’s luxury without a limo and yacht! The yacht is the game’s wild. The other symbol visible is the Mega Fortune wheel.

The luxury theme is reinforced with the sound effects that make a ‘clink’!

Many players have claimed the most exhilarating feature of the game is the Mega Fortune wheel. As three or more of these result in the bonus game. We explain the winning potential of the wheel below.

Mega Fortune_Wheel

Understanding the Mega Fortune Wheel

There are three levels in the wheel, the outer, the middle and the inner. These levels determine your winnings, for example, the outer offers cash prizes –players have a chance of winning cash prizes. The rapid jackpot is on the middle. And, finally, the inner level allows players a chance to win megabucks including the major jackpot!

Overview on Mega Fortune

We have to admit that Mega Fortune rivals the cherished Mega Moolah online slot. This is the battle of casino gaming software providers, Microgaming versus NetEnt. Ultimately, the choice is yours just like all the real money you stand to make!

Find a Canadian online casino to play Mega Fortune here, may fortune favour you.