Marvel’s Black Panther

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Marvel’s Black Panther

The highly anticipated superhero film – Black Panther sees its global release today. Before its release, the movie had already broken records. For example, it has a 98% score on rotten tomatoes, it has a 98 % all black cast and features a predominantly black produced soundtrack too!

Further, the film has shattered the Hollywood myth that films rooted in black culture can’t become global blockbusters.

Critics across the globe have praised the film for its direction, action sequences, costume design and its soundtrack. In fact, the soundtrack stars and is produced by award-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar; among the features are two artists from South Africa, the Weeknd and SZA.

Chadwick Boseman reprises his role as Black Panther and the films’ protagonist. Speaking on his performance, the Washington Post stated that “Boseman, who strides through Black Panther with unforced, charismatic ease, assumes almost Shakespearean levels of doubt as his character is challenged by an unexpected rival.”

By far, the biggest attribute of the film is its positive impact on black culture. Read on for more.

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Welcome to Wakanda – Black Panther Plot

After the death of his father, the King of Wakanda, T’Challa played by the dapper Boseman, returns to his country. Wakanda is a fictional African country, isolated but technologically advanced. T’Challa is the new king and as you probably already know – is also Black Panther.

His spirit in both roles is tested when an old enemy resurfaces; putting Wakanda and the world at risk. The country is rich with vibranium and the enemy played by Michael B Jordan plans to sell it to the world.

The deal takes place in an underground casino, where T’challs meets CIA agent played by Martin Freeman. Together they team up to stop the sale of vibranium and end a possible world war.

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Could Black Panther Join the List of Superhero Slots

The question that lingers is which software provider will snatch the rights to produce a Black Panther online slot?

Currently, Playtech holds the largest number of superhero titles from Marvel. But we know that Microgaming is the big daddy of gaming software providers and has produced the popular Dark Knight Rises slot. However, within a few months NetEnt has secured to produced box office breaker – Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Narcos and Vikings. While these are not superhero movies, they are certainly worth billions, thereby making NetEnt a contender too!