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Manitoba, though home to only six land-based casinos, has an active gambling population in 2018.
Manitoba, though sparsely populated, has an active gambling community. The province only has around 1 200 000 residents, with roughly 700 000 of those living in the capital Winnipeg. Despite the low population (and many polar bears, in the case of the town of Churchill), the province still has six land-based casinos, offering over 3200 Slots.
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Gambling Laws in Manitoba

As is with the rest of Canada, Manitoba controls its own gambling and liquor regulations. Here, it is controlled by the combined Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba.

Manitoba is one of only three Canadian provinces where the gambling age is 18 instead of 19.

In 2014, changes to the Canadian Criminal Code allowed for the creation of raffles and 50/50 draws via a computer and allowed them to be operated by charities.

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Mobile Gambling in Manitoba

Mobile gambling is the future of gambling in Canada. More and more players are making the switch to smart mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. However, as the majority of Manitobans live in the warmer south, cell reception is spotty at best and wholly unreliable in the north of the province.

As such, cities and town in the south, especially Winnipeg, are the go-to places for mobile gambling.

Online casinos all offer a great degree of compatibility for a range of newer and older smart devices. This includes:


Android is the most popular mobile OS in Canada. The majority of devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, the HTC One, and the Sony Xperia XZ all use Google’s fantastically customizable OS. Android casinos are mobile casinos that the featured casino has ensured works flawlessly on Android-powered devices.


Apple’s iPhones and iPads are massively popular in Canada. Therefore, mobile casinos have ensured that their casinos work perfectly on Apple devices, exactly as they would on Android devices.


Blackberry is the once-loved, now-shunned, Canadian smartphone that helped usher in the smartphone era. Thus, may Canadians still cling to the aging devices. Thus, the majority of online casinos still offer support for older Blackberry devices, though with a lot less features and games than more modern devices.

Windows Mobile phones may make up a third of the overall smartphone market, but they ae still few and far between. Still, online casinos offer great support and an identical experience for Windows Mobile players.

FAQs About MB Gambling Sites

With so few land-based casinos, won’t it be difficult to find a good one to play at?

Not at all. Most of the land-based casinos in Manitoba are in and around Winnipeg, where, coincidently, the majority of Manitobans live. This means that most of the gamblers in Manitoba can play the best casino games not far from home.

Are all casinos operated by charities?

No. Casinos/lotteries are run by both charities and private businesses. In 2014, a legislation change also allowed for charities to host raffles and 50/50 draws.

What sets gambling in Manitoba apart from that in other provinces?

Whereas most provinces have scattered their casinos across the province, Manitoba has settled for building theirs in the south, all in or around Winnipeg. This is mainly because the majority of Manitobans live in the south and in Winnipeg, bringing the gambling fun right to the people.

Are the casinos in Manitoba as good as those in other provinces?

Definitely! Manitoba may be sparsely populated, but the residents of this picturesque province love their casino games. All land-based casinos in Manitoba are as good or better as those in other provinces.

Interesting Facts About Manitoba

  • Everyone’s favorite honey-loving Pooh bear, Winnie the Pooh, was named for the capital of Manitoban, Winnipeg.
  • Manitoban drink the most Slurpees from 7-Elevens in the world. In fact, they’ve held that distinction for the past 16 years in a row.
  • Churchill residents are routinely advised not to lock their car doors, in case another resident needs to escape from a polar bear.
  • In fact, Churchill has the world’s only polar bear holding facility for the odd naughty bear who wanders into town. It is often dubbed as the world’s only polar bear jail.
  • Manitoban love curling. The province has a fraction of the residents Ontario or Québec, but more curling clubs than both combined.