All is fair in love and lottery

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All is fair in love and lottery

These are hard times for lovers, especially when they combine love and lottery. Have you ever heard of people breaking up because of money? It’s not a new story, right? This time, however, an Ontario woman is getting what’s hers.

Denise Robertson is suing her ex-boyfriend, Maurice Thibeault for breach of trust and unjust enrichment. The latter purchased a winning lottery ticket, didn’t tell her they had won and moved out of their home.

Love and lottery

Love Story

The couple began living together in July 2015, and both dreamed and wished for a life-changing event, like a big lottery win. According to Robertson, they would regularly purchase lottery tickets. In addition, because they were a couple, they would split the winnings should they win.

She recounts happy times, saying that they both shared a love for muscle cars. They wanted to purchase a repair shop that would specialise in muscle cars. In addition, they wanted to own a vehicle each, plus a substantial piece of property in the country.

Thibeault has denied her claims.

Laundry, love and lottery

In her affidavit, Robertson says she contacted Thibeault on the day of the draw to inquire if they had won. However, his response was a lie – he said no. After a few days had passed, he moved out of their home. She said: “he did approximately 15 loads of laundry of all his clothes the night prior, and didn’t put them into the drawers as if he was preparing to pack up and leave.”

He then quit his job and proceeded to claim the winnings; but, Robertson together with her legal team managed to freeze the winnings. However, in December last year, the OLG found that he was entitled to half the winnings and paid him $3 million. The outstanding prize money remains in legal limbo.

Representing the accused is Richard Pollock who said that the case would take close to three years to have its day in court. However, Robertson’s lawyer, Steven Pickard said: “I think it’s a case that the public has an interest in it.” He added: “it’s something that offends a sense of morality and juries are a way to allow the public to decide what is right.”

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