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Kevin Hart – Hollywood and Poker Star

In 2017 Kevin Hart earned an estimated $32.5 million, through his movies, comedy shows and Poker. If you don’t know who Kevin Hart is, then you’ve finally accepted that offer to live in a rural forest with no internet or technology. Too dramatic? No, he really is that famous, and in the gambling world, he is a PokerStars ambassador who frequents Las Vegas.

Hart is an American comedian and actor, his latest blockbuster – Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, broke records over the New Year weekend. You should have seen that right? So, he’s the short black guy, who coincidentally titled his first stand-up album ‘I’m a Grown Little Man’. From this, it’s easy to see why his comedy has been categorised as self-deprecating. But Canadians and people across the globe love him, his humour and his poker skills; we look at why below.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Launches ‘How to Play Poker’ Series

As mentioned above, Hart is a PokerStars ambassador, and together they have launched an entertaining how-to series. The how-to-play Poker series are in video format that are currently on PokerStars YouTube channel; and at the time of writing, the videos have had 12 000 views.

Among his tips, Hart notes behaviours to control; such as looking worried, hesitating, eye contact and feigning relaxation as a false tell. His third video details ‘how to bluff’ and is in direct relation to the PokerStars promotion – Truth or Bluff.  We commend them for their brilliant use of marketing that combines ambassadorship, tips and promotion.

However, some commentators have been critical of Hart’s videos, citing that he just provides laughs at high-roller tables.

To sum it up, his videos are not in-depth. However, they do provide substantial poker information to fine-tune your skills. Watch the videos and try them with a land-based casino or an online casino.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Comes to Canada

On January 13th, Hart announced 101 ‘Irresponsible’ tour stops with their dates. If you’re not keen to watch his how-to-play series and would rather watch him in concert, below is a list of his Canadian shows.

  • April 20th – London, Ontario Budweiser Gardens
  • July 20th – Ottawa
  • July 21st – Toronto, Air Canada Centre

If you’re unable to attend the above concerts, then you can also catch him live at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, July 27th.