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Learning how to play Keno in Canada in 2018 is easier than ever, thanks to the handy guide pages on Casinos Online Canada.

Keno is a lottery style game, similar in a few respects to traditional lotteries and Bingo. Though Keno has a much more storied and interesting history of how it came to be, and how it helped shape the Ancient world.

Players in Canada, both rookies and gambling experts, can learn all they need to know about how to play Keno in Canada here.

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Step 1

The first and most important step is acquiring a Keno card. Learning how to play Keno doesn’t require players to memorize all sort of different hands and card combinations. Therefore, it is quite easy to start playing Keno. Depending on where the player is choosing to play, there might even be bonus cards available for players to enjoy.

Step 2

Choose your numbers. Keno cards are numbered from 1-80, arranged in 8 rows and 10 columns of numbers. Traditional Keno cards, used hundreds of years ago, used 120 different Chinese characters. Depending on what type of game of Keno a player has chosen, the cards will indicate how many numbers a player can choose. This will range anywhere from 1 to a maximum of 20.

Players pay per card, and not per number they choose. So, even though players don’t have to choose 20 numbers, they will up their chances at no extra cost if they do.

Step 3

An alternative. Some casinos/gambling halls will allow players to purchase a ‘way ticket’, which offers them the chance to hedge their bets.

A ‘way ticket’ allows players to choose any six numbers from the pool of 80. They can then mark “2/3” and “1/6” on the side of their ticket. This lets the casino employee who handles all the Keno bets know that you are making a split bet. The split bet means that a player is wagering $1 (or as much as the casino will allow) on one batch of three numbers and another $1 on a second batch of three. The three in both batches can be made up of any of the numbers a player has selected. A third $1 is then wagered on all six chosen numbers, with a better payout if the player gets it correctly.

Step 4

Hand in the ticket and place a bet. Just as with a normal lottery game, players then hand in their ticket to the casino employee and place their money wager. Players can also, if they choose, play multiple cards in one round, depending on what they prefer. Some casinos will allow players to have up to 20 cards in one round.

Players are also issued with a ticket with their selected numbers on it, which they will need to keep safe. Players who lose their tickets forfeit their chances of winning.

Step 5

Watch the numbers called and claim your winnings. It is nigh-impossible to catch all 20 numbers in Keno, so most casinos will pay out a jackpot for 17 numbers or higher. This is not set in stone, so players always need to check each casino’s policy before they play.

See? Learning how to play Keno is easy as pie.

How to Play Keno – A Canadian Glossary

How to play Keno glossary for players in Canada

There are a few terms that’ll regularly crop up in any game of Keno. Players should memorize these, as it’ll make their experience all the better.

All or Nothing

This is the riskiest bet a player can make in Keno and is better suited to smaller number selections. All or Nothing means a player makes a bet that only pays out if all their selected numbers are drawn, and nothing if they aren’t. The more numbers a player selects the bigger the potential payout.


The casino employee that calls out all the numbers that have been drawn. Some casinos display the drawn numbers on a screen rather than have someone call it out.


A correctly guessed number, that is then marked off on a Keno card is called a catch.


This is the money that is paid to a player but that isn’t a jackpot.


A single, quick game of Keno.

Video Keno

Keno that is played on a computer, either at home or at land-based casinos. Similar in many regards to video Poker.

Way Ticket

A ticket that has two or more bets made on it.