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Givling – the Trivia App

Winning the lotto is a dream many of us have, it’s a dream that does not discriminate with age, location or race. What would winning mean to you? Could you be able to go on a fancy holiday, quit your job or maybe pay off your old student loans?

But winning the lotto has the odds of 175 million to one. Enter Givling, the online game that uses trivia to give you better odds of winning.

The Givling app combines crowdfunding with online gaming, and for millennials, this combination is just what they’re looking for!

However, this app is not just for student loans; you could also pay off your mortgage.

Givling App

How Does Givling Work?

Givling’s premise is based on stamping out student loan debt. At the time of writing around 200, 000 had registered on the free online gaming app.

To become part of the movement, you need to sign up. Givling charges 50 cents to play a round of true or false trivia. But, you must purchase a Givling coin before playing.

Statements are compiled by Givling employees from an array of media and resources. They are held in a database and retrieved randomly; much like Random Number Generators (RNG). Although, this time around you are relying on your knowledge to win.

You have 10 seconds to answer true or false to the statement.

But, don’t close the web page, lock your phone or accept a call; as your game will be interrupted and your winnings void!

Similar to gambling and online gambling that require online Canadian casino players to be 18-years and older; so does Givling.

The Givling Story

Since its launch, Givling has helped pay off 9 student loans and paid out a total amount of $610, 772.

Chief Marketing Officer at Givling, Seth Beard said “we know we’re not the answer to the student loan crisis, but to be able to wipe out student loan debt for even a small number of people- there’s no better feeling. It’s so empowering; it’s wonderful. Every morning, I can hardly wait to get up and go to work. And that’s something I never fully experienced before. It’s more than a job; it’s mission.”