Gaming Standards Association’s Blockchain Committee

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Gaming Standards Association’s Blockchain Committee

The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) marked its 20th anniversary in February by launching a blockchain technical committee. The committee is devoted to the issues of blockchain technology and is the first of its kind.

Blockchain technology is often associated with cryptocurrencies. However, the services available are far more reaching; offering great advancements in the total online gaming experience.

According to a press release from GSA President Peter DeRaedt “blockchain technology is poised to change our industry forever.” He added that blockchain technology will “revolutionise data sharing, security and has the ability to provide regulatory authorities with previously unobtainable levels of transparency.”

The committee announced Canadian CEO, Earle Hall as chairman earlier this month ahead of their first meeting in London.

Blockchain_ Earle Hall

Getting to Know Earle Hall, CEO and Blockchain Committee Chairman

Hall brings with him an established gaming and technology record. He is Chief Executive Officer of AxesNetworks Solutions Inc., a Canada-based software company; that specialises in cloud-based casino management systems. As CEO, Hall has been privy to blockchain’s current and future effects on both, land-based and online gambling.

Hall, like the committee, will lead a new ear of blockchain technology and DeRaedt affirmed this by saying “very thankful to have someone with the vision, in-depth knowledge and exceptional drive that Earle brings to GSA.”

Blockchain is the Answer

Hall believes that blockchain technology will provide solutions to the many challenges facing the gambling industry. He said: “ blockchain is the answer to so many of our inefficiencies:  it is inherently designed for transparent, secure, and distributed information flow.” He added that the technology “will exponentially increase the potential for collaboration, efficiency, and connectivity.”

As mentioned earlier, the first blockchain technical committee meeting took place on April 10th in London. It was hosted by Playtech Plc; in addition to being a world-class gambling software provider to Canadian online casinos, Playtech is also a member of the GSA.