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Gaming and Gambling in Hollywood

Gaming and gambling bring people closer, creates networks and sometimes allows you to interact with Hollywood’s elite. Everybody has and needs an out, a way to get away from reality and when you’re a celebrity the world is your oyster.

Below are a few celebrity gamers and gamblers that you could be competing against for that jackpot or prize.

Gaming and gambling

The Big Names in Hollywood’s Gaming and Gambling Scene

Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber is as mega as mega-stardom gets. Last month Instagram released reports of him being the Canadian most-followed, with the most-liked posts. Given his high profiled -always in the limelight life, we understand why he would need an out.

Bieber has always been forthcoming about his gaming habits, in fact in his movie ‘Never Say Never’ he plays Xbox360. Furthermore, a few of his videos are filmed in a game arcade and casino setting. Bieber’s favourite games include titles likes Mario Kart and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Additionally, Bieber is known to be an avid sports bettor and poker player.

Another celebrity gamer is certified hotty – Megan Fox. Fox does not fit the stereotype of a techy geek or gamer but has featured in such movies like Transformers and Ninja Turtles. Clearly, Fox is the queen of ‘don’t underestimate me’, she enjoyed playing Halo and was once teased online for being a female gamer.

Now we move onto Hollywood’s gamblers.

Gaming and gambling

Celebrity Gamblers

We won’t do this piece justice with mentioning Ben Affleck and his superb blackjack skills. In fact, his blackjack skills are so great that he was banned from blackjack tables in Las Vegas. Under his master of blackjack title, Affleck has once held the title of first place in the California State Poker Championship!

Staying close to Affleck is a long-term friend, co-star and co-writer Matt Damon; who is also an avid gambler. Damon spent a staggering $25 000 gambling in order to prepare for his role in Rounder. Following his gambling preparation, Damon along Affleck, Toby Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio belonged to an underground poker ring.

Gaming and gambling


The above doesn’t compare to the number of celebrity gamers and gamblers in Hollywood. Rather it’s a nice read about your favourite celebrities that you could share the same hobby with! We’re pretty sure these celebrities gamble online too; so, view our list of online casinos here; and you could be gambling alongside Hollywood’s A-listers.