Elton John Announces Canadian Stops in Final World Tour

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Elton John Announces Canadian Stops in Final World Tour

At 70 years, Elton John has released ten original studio albums, performed more than 4000 times in over 80 countries. He was knighted Sir Elton John and rightly so, he is music royalty! So, when he announces his retirement from showbiz the world goes crazy. While it is a sad song that he is retiring, we are over the moon that his final tour will include shows in Canada!

Elton John

Curtain Call

John has been upfront about his reasons for retirement. He suffered a bacterial infection last year and endured a ‘brush with death’. Subsequently, this resulted in him reassessing his life and priorities; he said: “I’ve had a good run, I think you’d admit that.” He added that “my priorities are now my children and my husband and my family.”

Fun fact – John is married to Toronto born, David Furnish together they have two children. Some may assume that he is performing two concerts in Toronto because that’s Furnish’s hometown. Whatever the reason, we’re pretty sure the city of Toronto is happy about the news.

Elton John

Want to See Elton John in Concert?

John’s accolades are remarkable, with hits like ‘Don’t go Breaking my Heart’, ‘Candle in the Wind’ and his work with ‘The Lion King’. The very same hits that led to him winning five Grammys, a Golden Globe and an Oscar to name a few. In fact, at this year’s Grammy Awards he performed Tiny Dancer with Miley Cyrus and received the President’s Merit Award.

With an impressive career and a flamboyant personality, it is easy to understand why he has a residency in the gambling hub of Las Vegas. In fact, John has performed close to 200 shows in six years at The Million Dollar Piano show. However, late last year he announced that the show, as his touring days, will be drawing to an end. His Vegas residency ends in May, so if your dream has been to see him in concert, you’d better hurry. Or, you can skip all that traveling to Vegas and watch him in Canada!

Tickets to his last tour will go on sale February 2nd, and his concert dates in Canada are as follows:

  • Toronto 25/26 September
  • Ottawa 28 September
  • Quebec City 29 September
  • Montreal 04 October

Farewell Yellow Brick Road

John made the announcement on his official website with a countdown clock and lyrics to ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’. Subsequently, the name of his farewell tour is called Farewell Yellow Brick Road.  True to his charisma, John said he wants to go out “with a bang”, he added he wants to “leave people thinking, I saw the last tour, and it was fantastic.”