Dave Duncan Apologises After Drunken Carjacking

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Dave Duncan Apologises After Drunken Carjacking

Before the Winter Olympics drew to an end, Canadian freestyle skier, Dave Duncan was arrested. The reason – a drunken joyride with his wife and manager.

Dave Duncan Arrest

Duncan and his two accomplices were charged with stealing a Hummer. According to their statement, the car was unlocked and had been left with the engine still running. Further, they claimed the reason for stealing the vehicle was: “it was too cold to walk.” Duncan’s manager drove the stolen vehicle to the athletes’ village in Gangneung where they were stopped by the police.

In addition to stealing a vehicle, the three had alcohol levels three times the legal limit! The high-end red vehicle belongs to a 57-year-old man.

The incident made headlines in South Korea and Canada. However, Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) didn’t disclose the identities of Duncan, his wife and manager. In fact, CEO for COC said: “we can confirm that an incident occurred involving the police.” He added: “individuals attached to our team are involved in the investigation and are co-operating. We take this matter very seriously.” He concluded by saying: “until we know the results of the investigation we’re not really in a position to comment further.”

This unfortunate incident put a damper on Canada’s Winter Olympics performance. In fact, the Canadian Olympic team celebrated 29 medals, breaking their previous record when the games were held in Toronto.

Dave Duncan Arrested

Curtain Call

While the rest of Team Canada celebrated their Olympic medal haul with a record number, South Korean authorities confirmed that the three accused were released. They were released after paying a fine; in addition, they weren’t allowed to participate in the closing ceremony.

Dave Duncan has several endorsements; these include Boler MTN and Osisko. However, such an incident could be the reason he loses them. Duncan had a promising start to his career as a freestyle Skier and finished 8th place in this year’s Winter Olympics.