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Video poker is the exciting and easy marriage of two extremely popular casino games – poker and video slots. The game first hit the casino scene in the 70’s. Today, there are a number of variations both at traditional land-based casinos and at online casinos.

The allure of the game is that it’s easy to follow the rules, quick gameplay and jackpots. While poker is a cherished casino game by thousands of gamblers across the globe, it can drag on. To explain, in a game of poker, not all your hands will have winning potential. Further, you will need to wait for a suitable hand to be dealt. However, in video poker, it’s just you versus the computer; eliminating that wait.

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Differences between poker and video poker

If you are a gambling novice, the difference between poker, online poker, video poker and online video poker can be overwhelming. So, let’s clear up this confusion, below we define each version:

  • Poker is the traditional casino game that involves cards; also, it is played in person in casinos or at parties.
  • Online poker is the online version of traditional poker. You play this version at online casinos via desktop or mobile gaming.
  • Video poker is computerised and played on a computerised console, similar to a slot machine. You can play this game at brick and mortar casinos.
  • Online video poker is the online version of video poker, and it is played strictly at online casinos.

Play Video Poker Online for Real Money

This variation of poker is acknowledged for a low house edge. In other words, this means that you have a greater possibility of winning and winning big!

The online casinos recommended by CasinosOnline-Canada will allow you to gamble in Canadian dollars when playing video poker.

How to play online video poker?

The aim of the game is the same as normal poker, to create the best hand possible, from the cards that are dealt to you. Firstly, you need to decide the amount you would like to wager. In a game of online video poker, you are dealt five cards. Next up, you need to decide which card you would like to discard in order to create a winning hand.

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Video Poker Variants

As mentioned above, there are numerous variations of the game; below we will discuss the top five most popular versions.

All Aces

Offering you the highest payout of 99.92% is All Aces video poker, when you hit four aces, you will receive this payout.

Aces and Faces

Closely based on Jacks or Better are Aces and Faces, the payouts are linked to your combinations of, yes you guessed it, cards with faces and aces.

Three Card Poker

As the name would suggest, three cards are dealt to you. Additionally, there are three circles from which you can choose either Ante, Play, Plus or Pair.

Double Bonus

Like Aces and Faces, Double Bonus Video Poker is based on Jacks or Better. However, the difference is that you are given a bonus payout if you have four aces in your hand.

Deuces Bonus

If you are new to gambling but have a keen interest in video poker, we suggest you try out Deuces Wild first. The reason for this is due to its simplicity which allows you to get a feel for the game. In this version, Deuces or Twos fill in as wild cards. Further, when you make use of the wildcard, the game will automatically replace the wild with the best-suited value card. Culminating in a fantastic hand!


With this many versions and variations come rules, for each of them. However, there isn’t a set of tips to follow, which will ensure a win.  But we can offer advice that we have gathered over the years. Implementing our suggestions will improve your play and give you a world-class online gaming experience. Below we outline three of our most basic tips:

  • Know your cards – this is at the top of the list for a reason as it’s the most important. Knowing what cards, you have, and the value of them increase your odds of winning; essentially, you need to understand what each combination means.
  • Know when to hold – you should always keep the following hands, a royal flush, four of a kind, full house and straight flush.
  • Know when to break a straight or flush – consider breaking a straight or a flush only when you are holding four cards to a royal flush.

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History of Video Poker

The invention of video poker can be attributed to the same individual that created the slot machine – Charles Fey. Back in 1901, Fey added the draw feature to his slot machine, this enabled players to hold selected reels while spinning the remaining reels.

However, the first actual video poker game was made in 1979 – it was called Draw Poker. The man responsible was Si Red; Red faced much criticism at the time from employer – Bally. However, he went on to start his own company – SIRCOMA. The game remained unpopular until the 1980’s as players found it to be more relaxing and easier to play than poker.