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Winning the online lotto is a dream of many Canadians. Could you imagine the possibilities and the freedom winning the lotto will bring you? But you stop yourself because going to the corner store is not en route to where you are going to, or you forgot to purchase the ticket.

You can now put an end to those missed opportunities by playing online lotto from the comfort of your home or anywhere you chose! Stop imagining what it could be and make it a reality now. Read on for a quick guide to playing the lotto online in Canada.

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What is an Online Lotto?

The online lotto is also known as an online lottery; it requires you to guess the numbers that will be drawn in a sequence for a prize.

Playing the lotto online is unlike playing other popular online casino games, but there are similarities; these include access to various banking solutions, mobile compatibility and customer support.

You can play online lotto at reputable online casinos.

Canadian Options for Online Lotto

As a Canadian online lotto player, you have three options, join a group, purchase a bundle or play alone. Let’s see what these options mean to you and the odds of you winning:

  • Group play – by joining a group, you can increase your chances of winning. In addition, the group shares the cost of the ticket and the winnings too.
  • Purchase bundle – this option allows you to participate in group play or play alone.
  • Playing alone – you buy the winning ticket and live out your dreams!

Canadian Online Lotto

Tips for Playing Online Lotto

As always, we want you to have your best online gaming experience, so we compiled a short list of tips to help you play lotto online. Below are the tips:

  1. Prioritise your safety – be certain that the online gaming platform is secure; you can do this by looking for the lock on the security and safety page. The lock will confirm that it is a safe site for gambling on.
  2. Double check extra fee charges – the last thing you want is to win and be charged a fee on your winnings. A reputable online lotto site will not impose fees on your deserved winnings.
  3. Look for visible contact details – this one is obvious if you require information, the contact details of the online lotto site should be readily accessible.
  4. T’s and C’s count – read through the sites’ terms and conditions and ensure that you understand them.
  5. Play on your own device or desktop – to prevent other people using your account, stick to gaming form your personal devices or desktop.
  6. Watch your spending limit – don’t spend all your money in one go, we suggest you be persistent about winning but try lady lucky at intervals.

Rules for Playing Online Lotto

All forms of gambling and gambling games require rules; however, Canadian online lotto does not have many to follow. We list them below for you:

  • You must be 18 years and older to play.
  • You can only select six numbers, at a minimum of four lines.
  • There is no limit of the number of times you select the same numbers.
  • But there is a time limit on claiming your winnings; winning must be claimed within six months of the draw.

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Online Lotto Overview

Given the simplicity and speed of the game, we can see why playing online lotto is popular among gamblers in Canada. Like many online casino games, it is a game of chance; that continues to bring hope and change to ordinary Canadians.

All the online casinos listed on Casinos Online Canada offer you the opportunity to play the online lotto. And if you are looking for inspiration on how winning the lotto could change your life, check out our blogs for regular stories on lotto and online lotto winners here.