Canadian Contenders for the Oscars 2018

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Canadian Contenders for the Oscars 2018

Joining the contenders for this year’s Oscars are a long list of Canadians. From an actor to director and a whole production crew for The Shape of Water. The Shape of Water is a favourite among sports bettors, more on this later.

As mentioned the Canadians that are likely to be nominated is director Denis Villeneuve and two-time Oscar winner Christopher Plummer. Villeneuve is a Quebec director and his work on the highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049 will be the reason for his nomination. Although the film was not a box office success, fans are still hopeful the film will scope awards for its cinematography and stunning visual effects.

Plummer is a veteran actor born in Toronto. He has received much praise after he stepped in at the last hour to replace Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World. Spacey was removed after he was accused of sexual misconduct. The film was reshot six weeks before its box office release, due to the time constraints critics have praised Plummer regarding him as ‘one of the films best elements’.

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About the Shape of Water

Leading the Oscar race is the highly acclaimed The Shape of Water. With 14 contender nominations, the film rivals the world phenomenon Titanic! The film is set against the cold war and stars Sally Hawkins as a mute who falls in love with an amphibian creature that is held captive.

It was shot in Hamilton and Toronto by Mexican director Guillermo del Toro who said: “we tried to keep it as Canadian as possible, with a Mexican in the middle.” In fact, the film crew and production talent consisted predominantly of Canadians. Furthermore, Mr X the digital studio that created the amazing visual effects is Canadian! Mr X was also the studio used for the awe-inspiring visual effects in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Female Oscar Contenders

Critiques say that the Oscars this year is likely to echo the same tone as the Golden Globes. Where attendees wore black to show support against the sexual misconduct in the industry. Given the #metoo campaign and the discrepancies among female and male salaries in the industry, the focus will be on females winning. At the top of the list is Greta Gerwig for her work in Lady Bird. Joining her is Rachel Morrison, who would be the first female ever nominated for best cinematography.

Contenders Announcement

The prestigious nominations will be announced on Tuesday morning. You can watch it live at and This year the nominees will be announced by Andy Serkis, John Bailey and Tiffany Haddish; coming to you from the illustrious Beverly Hills.

The official ceremony will take place in February at the Royal Albert Hall in London.