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Big Rob Banned

Big Rob was banned by MGM Resorts and International sports book William Hill. This following an interview in which he revealed sensitive information about sports betting. Further, he mentioned links to gambling and lending money to prominent athletes.

The interview was conducted mid last year and by December the same publication – USA TODAY Sports released news of the ban.

He said: “my life is basically over, but there’s nothing I can do about it”. In addition, to the ban, William Hill has stated that further action will follow.

About Big Rob

Not much is known about Big Rob, born Robert Gorodetsky. He is a 25-year-old self-proclaimed professional sport bettor; who has been gambling since he was 13 years old.

According to his parents, in high school, he made over $400 000 trading stocks; while his classmates were more focused on class work. It would come as no surprise then that he dropped out of college after just one semester.

After dropping out of college, he opted to play poker professionally; he made $90 000. Shortly after winning, he left for Las Vegas to be a sports bettor.

Big Rob


Gambling analysts have likened him to another celebrity gambler – Vegas Dave; whose real name is Dave Oancea. Both men parade a lifestyle fit for social media feeds, with lavish cars, many beautiful women and of course big bets followed by bigger wins! However, Vegas Dave was charged last year for dodging taxes by using fake social security numbers. It seems that the two may share the same fate.

Even Gorodetsky’s crew or squad, rather, is similar to the HBO series Entourage. They consist of a finance manager, an enforcer and a pickup artist; similar to the series characters.

In addition to the similarities between the characters and Big Rob’s squad, the series also featured an array of famous people. From sports stars to actors; much like Big Rob’s dalliances with athletes Odell Beckham and hip-hop artist – Drake.

Big Rob

No Longer the ‘Next Face of Sports Gambling’

After the interview, many publications dubbed him the next face of sports gambling.  At one point, Big Rob, his in-crowd and analysts thought he would emerge as America’s leading sports gambler; and sell his information to bettors across the US.

In addition, RJ Bell a gambling analyst told USA TODAY Sports that two questions need to be answered. The more important of the two questions concerned Big Rob’s reign and when will it end. It seems as if the ban has answered RJ Bell’s question.