Andy Murray Considers Hip Surgery

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Andy Murray Considers Hip Surgery

Just hours after Andy Murray posted a statement to his Instagram account the tennis world went berserk. The former Worlds No. 1 chose the sweetest picture of him to accompany his heartfelt message. In the message, Murray outlines his decision to withdraw from Brisbane International, following hip surgery consideration.

Murray apologised to his fans and Brisbane International but admits that the hip injury has been ongoing. In fact, by July this year, he would have been missing from tennis for a full year due to the hip injury.

Further, the reason for using a young picture of him was to link back to how the child in him wants to return to tennis. Since his absence from the court, Murray has said he misses the court, and we can’t help but feel for him.

Andrew Murray

Hip Injury to Injure his Career

It is suspected that Murray has a torn labrum. However, it is not the official diagnosis. In addition, Murray notes that surgery is a secondary option, as the recovery isn’t as high as he would like it to be.

Lleyton Hewitt underwent similar surgery twice in 2008 and 2010; critiques and commentators both argued that he was never quite the same player. The same concerns surround Murray’s absence from the sport, as it is challenging to find that competitive edge after such a leave of absence.

Andrew Murray

About Andy Murray

The 30-year-old began playing tennis at the tender age of three and turned pro in 2005. He was born in Glasgow Scotland and represents Great Britain. Murray is ranked 16 in the world and is a three-time Grand Slam winner.

In addition to the ongoing hip injury, Murray was born with the bipartite patella. A condition where one’s kneecap remains as two separate bones rather than fusing together. Unfortunately, the condition was only diagnosed when he was 16 years old. Murray has been pictured holding his knee in pain due to the condition. In fact, it is also the reason he has pulled out of other tennis events.

Canadian Tennis

In Canadian tennis news, bright star Dennis Shapovalov lost the opening match at Brisbane International. He went into the tournament ranked 51 in the world.