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The popular casino game American Roulette originates from traditional Roulette. The original game was modified and adapted due to its popularity in the North and South of America. While the game has had several other adaptions, this particular one attracts high roller gamblers. In fact, gamblers that opt for this variation know the American roulette table layout well. They immediately know the difference between the American roulette wheel and the standard version.

So, what’s the difference between roulette and American roulette? Well, for starters this version has an extra slot compared to the original roulette. In other words, normal roulette has 37 slots on the roulette wheel, while American roulette has 38. The extra slot is 00 or double zero and is the reason this version of roulette gives the house a higher edge. It’s also the reason high rollers are attracted to the game – they want to beat the house. In addition, this variant distinguishes itself from other roulette variants by being the version with the highest odds; again, all due to the extra 00 pocket.

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How to Play American Roulette

Playing the casino game for real money is pretty much the same as playing the classic game. It is simple and easy; if you know the table layout and are familiar with bets. These will determine your American roulette payouts.

As mentioned above, the double zero on the wheel slightly alters your wagering prospects; for example, on the wheel, you will now see 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 on the top line bet. Canadian online casino players can still place inside and outside bets but with higher odds.

The benefit to playing this variation online is the control you have; you can spin whenever you want to. In addition, you are not pressured to place bets – you can take your time and carefully consider your real money wagers. In other words, by spinning the American roulette wheel online – you have control over the pace of play.

A step-by-step Guide to Online American Roulette

Spin it to win it by following this handy guide. Please note before following this guide that you must sign up at a Canadian online casino; then proceed to claim your lucrative welcome bonus.

  • Next, go to the games lobby and choose the American version from the Roulette variations
  • Then, pick your stake and place your bets
  • After that, you get to spin that lucky wheel, and this commences the game

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American Roulette Strategy

While there isn’t a golden set of rules to follow to ensure you win every time, there are guidelines and useful strategies to follow. The following was compiled by our team of roulette experts:

  • Spread your bets – this will ensure you cover your table.
  • Play at online gaming sites that allow you to transact and withdraw in Canadian dollars.
  • To maximise your odds, bet on both zeroes.
  • Keep in mind that the specific lucky number you choose will rarely payout.
  • Be sure the casino you select offers free spins, so you can learn to play the game before you play for real money.

Play American Roulette online at top casinos in Canada – check out our list of the best online casino sites. You may get lucky and find a casino that offers free American roulette!