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Age of the Gods Live Roulette from Playtech

Age of the Gods Live Roulette is the latest game in the ever-successful Age of the Gods slots series. It is a booming progressive jackpot that is popular among gamblers across the world. Now with the release of the new game, gamblers get to enjoy a live dealer experience combined with the anticipation of a life-changing win!

Playtech seems to be enjoying their most innovative annum yet, with the completion of their live casino studio in Riga, Latvia. And now the release of this game that combines a live dealer experience with the progressive jackpot element. By combining the two elements, Playtech has become a pioneer in the casino industry to share liquidity across departments. Playtech says this combination is the first in a long list of live casino games that will be enhanced with the progressive jackpot feature.

Age of the gods

Age of the Gods Live Roulette Aim

Canadian punters can be certain that the gameplay on mobile and desktop casinos will remain untouched. In other words, players can move effortlessly from desktop gaming to mobile gaming, and the quality of the game will not alter. The transition culminates in a seamless and superior online gaming experience.

Added to the seamless transition from desktop to mobile gaming, is the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot. For example, every time a player bets, a small part of the bet is added to the progressive jackpot pool. In total there are four jackpot levels. This means that irrespective of the size of a player’s bets, low or high, there is some winning to look forward to for all players.

Playtech hopes that the release of this game will progress the cross-selling of various casino products. For example, from online slots to live dealer.

Age of the Gods Live Roulette Conclusion

Critics are calling this innovative move from Playtech a sure-fire ‘game changer’, and we are thrilled to see what they come up with next! In addition to the four-level jackpot, the game also features a 26-minute video wall that informs players of the latest prizes up for grabs.