Aaron Carpenter Retires at 34

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Aaron Carpenter Retires at 34

Days before his 35th birthday, Aaron Carpenter former Canadian rugby captain retired. While it was ultimately his head injuries that forced him to retire, he has said that he wanted to retire at a time in which new talent surfaced.

Aaron Carpenter

About Aaron Carpenter

Carpenter was born in Brantford, Ontario and started playing rugby at the age of 12. He was introduced to rugby by his brother, and the Canadian rugby world will forever be grateful to his brother.

He made his national debut in 2005 against the US and had since played in three Rugby World Cups; as a hooker and back-row. At 6ft tall and 240lb, Carpenter will be remembered for ploughing through opponents, rather than dodging them.

He leaves the Canadian rugby team holding a record of all-time caps leader with 80.

The blows of Aaron Carpenter

Carpenter last represented his country in November 2017 against Spain. In the match he sustained a head injury, it was the third head injury in a really short time frame.

When questioned on the head injuries, he said: “they weren’t the hardest hits”; he concluded by saying he has a family and cannot put himself at risk any longer. Carpenter’s illustrious rugby career cost him his body, as he broke two arms and often wakes in back pain.

In addition to playing for the Canadian rugby team, he has played England club rugby for Doncaster, Cornish Pirates, London Welsh, Coventry and Plymouth Albion.

Aaron Carpenter


Canada’s Rugby chairman, Tim Powers, congratulated Carpenter on his impressive career. CEO Allen Vansen said: “For a Canadian to win 80 caps is an incredible achievement and Aaron always represented his country with honour, pride and respect, especially doing so as captain on a number of occasions.”

Carpenter still hopes to continue his involvement with rugby; and currently is working with the Ontario Arrows team.